CyberDisc 338T 905g. Berd spokes version (set)
CyberDisc338T 980g. Standard version (set)

Weight: 980g/set

Hubs: CyberHubs SPD-3 Series

Rims: Custom tubular rims, 20mm tyre bead (38x26mm), offset

Spokes: 24+24 MegaLite/HyperLite Straight-Pull, triple-butted, bladed, black

Finishing: Spread-tow natural carbon / Black anodized hubs

Nipples: Ergal DSN, black, external

Graphics: Black on black decals

Front wheel, available versions:

CyberFront SPD-3 (12mm TA, 9x100mm)

Rear wheel, available versions:
Rear SPD-3 (142, 10x135 axles) (Shimano R11s, Sram XD/XRD Drive, Campagnolo 11/12s).

Bearing options:


Newly developed tricky rims and improved carbon layering, 100% custom made for us in italy.

Generous 38mm deep 25.5mm wide profile.
Their hi-tech construction employes exotic Toray T1100G fibers wrapped with a state of the art layering process.
Our attitude of constant developement has improved their structure over the years and reached a world record strenght-to-weight ratio.
Spread-tow outer layering looks very cool but is also the most tricky and efficient fabric available today.

The exceptional hi-tech construction employes exotic Toray T1100G fibers wrapped into a very tricky spread-tow hi-modulus fabric.
Spread-tow is the most efficient type of fabric available today and it looks very cool too.

Low angular moment enhances acceleration and reduces the unwanted gyroscopic effect.

Equipped with superb MegaLite/HyperLite spokes, the highest possible quality choice.
Really stiff, strong and light.

(Wheelset does not include tape, valvest)

100% made in Italy