CyberEnds 19g. (each)


Cyber age sculptures.


Weight: 19g.(each)

Body: 3D CNC AL 7075TX

Bolts: special M5, Grade5 Titanium

Clamping: classic cut-style

Dimensions: see below

Finish: black anodized

Graphics: laser etched

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Ultra accurate dimensioning and beautiful one piece construction.


Through this highly sophisticated 3D sculpturing technology we have managed to re-create the classic cut-style clamping design.


This translates into secure clamping onto the delicate surface of a carbon handlebar with only a truly moderate tightening torque of the special M5 titanium bolts. i


The special M5 titanium bolts are recessed to prevent injuries.


Furthermore these babies feature a structural engineering never seen before: internally tapered, oval machining, 3D carved lightening, Grade5 Titanium bolts, smooth edges and ergonomically shaped safety plug-ends.


The classic cut-style clamping tolerates a greater variance in handlebar size.


Improve you climbing!

We believe that climbing efficiency obtains real benefits with an extended body position.

Body weight keeps the front wheel in contact with the ground while you can fine-tune the amount of traction you need on the rear.

Your upper body will also stay in a more efficient and relaxed position which allows greater HP output from your legs.



CyberEnds are compatible with standard handlebars that have reinforced ends (diam. 22.2mm)and can support bar extensions, such as the Extralite UltraBar and UltraBar UL.



100% made in Italy