HyperBoost F 78g.

Mechanical fetish.

Weight: 78gr.

Material: special 7075TXX

Standard: Front QR15 110mm width.

Available Drillings: 24, 28, 32H.

Sealing: external Soft-Touch OR, 2+2 RS.

Micro-Tuner: easy to set external bearing preload system.

Axle construction: multishaped 17mm rectified to micro tolerances.

Bearings: 2x17-26 2RS sealed ABEC-5 stainless cartridges (option 17-30).

Finishing: "hart-coat" sides, black anodized body.

Graphics: laser etched.


Optional: HDC-Hybrid-ceramic bearings.

Optional: 17-30 2RS bearing on disc side for heavy duty use.

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Sturdy, precise and incredibly light.

Equipped with corrosion resistant stainless bearings.

Micro-tuner: easy to set external bearing preload system integrates external Soft-Touch Or seals.
Precise hub bearing setting ensures low bearing friction and no-play at the rim.

Hi-tech rarely combines with maintenance easiness, not here!

Straight pull spokes increase wheel stiffness under sprinting. They sensibly reduce lateral flex and increase disc braking torque transmission. All this with a slight weight reduction too.



Here you find pre-calculated spoke lengths, spoke patterns and wheel building tips.

HyperHubs lacing instructions

Dimensions for wheel building
Spoke hole : 2.5mm
Right flange drilling : 32mm
Centre to right flange: 44mm
Centre to left flange: 30mm
Disc flange drilling : 53.6mm

Hubs are not supplied with skewers/QR.

100% made in Italy