HyperGravel HC 995g. Berd spokes version (set)
HyperGravel HD 1085g. Standard version (set)

Hard-Core Gravel-specific tools


Weight: 995g or 1085g / set

Hubs: HyperSmart3-R / HyperSmart3-F

Rims: Custom 700C tubeless-hookless with extra beefy walls

Spokes: 24+24 straight-pull black Berd Spokes or black HyperLite (triple-butted, bladed)

Finishing: UD natural carbon / Black anodized hubs

Nipples: Ergal DSN, black, external

Graphics: Black on natural carbon


Front hub model and available options:
Axles: TA12x100mm - TA15x100mm - QR 9x100mm

Rear hub model and available options:
Axles: TA 12x142mm - QR 10x135mm
Freewheels: Sram XD or XDR Drive - Shimano MTB 12s or MTB 11s - Shimano Road 11/12s and Sram road 10/11s

Bearing options: ABI Enduro Stainless, HDC Hybrid-ceramic bearings or XD-15 Ceramic Bearings


Wide rims with beefy side walls

Impact tested as for MTB standards.

Toray T800 layering with individual reinforcements at each nipple fitting


HyperSmart3-F offers the same axle stiffnes both if TA12 or QR15 featuring on both versions a Ø17mm axle and beef 6803-2RS bearings

Equipped with 17-26mm corrosion resistant stainless bearings on an oversized axle that is multi-shaped and individually lapped to micro tolerances

HyperSmart3-R offers the max spoke camber for MTB lacing and self-adapts when equipped with road-gravel freewheels

Micro-tuner ensures a very precise bearing setting: minimum bearing friction with highest bearing durability and no play at the rim

Additional external Soft-Touch O-ring seals keep dust and moisture away from the 2RS bearing seals promoting bearing longevity

Super adaptive, yet incredibly light and precise

Fully convertible in all standards

Wide and beefy disc flange reduces spoke stress under braking


Lightweight rims reduce angular moment enhancing acceleration and minimizing the unwanted gyroscopic effect

Equipped with superb Berd spokes or HyperLite, the highest possible quality choices

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra-high molecular weight polymer that has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel (floats on water)

Really stiff, strong and light

(Wheelset not supplied with valves, tubeless tape nor sealant)