OctaRamp CH2 105gr.

Compact High-ratio

Now you can combine compact cranks and hi-ratio chainrings.


Ratio: 53T + 39T.

Weight: 105gr set.

Material: 7075 T6.

Construction: hyper accurate cnc.

Ramps: 5 cnc with unique 15°profile.

Machined Teeth: 20 external, 33 internal.

Compatibility: Shimano and Campag. 10/11/12s chains, Sram 10/11s.

Bolt pattern: fits both "hidden-bolt" and classic 5 bolts cranks.

Standard: Road compact standard 110m BCD.

Finishing: Hard Black Anodized.

Graphics: laser etched.

For long lasting performance all rings are fully anodized with a special coating.

Unique 15° machined chain ramps offer superior chain engaging on 5 different crank positions, this translates in super quick up-shifting performance.

Special machined teeth help both up and down chain shifting.



We recommend to use the OctaRamp CH-2 complete set

for a correct ring phase.


ExtraBolt 1.1

Equip your chainrings with Extralite's jewelry.

See ExtraBolt page!


100% made in Italy