These cnc sculptures shift like no others and save significant weight.

Material: 7075T6.

Construction: hyper accurate cnc.

Weight: 91g (2x9 or 3x9) /106g (3x9 or 3x10) set.

Ramps: 8+8 cnc with unique 15°angle.

Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 64/104 mm 4 bolts.

Finishing: hard anodized with machined sides.

Compatibility: 9 or 10 speed chains.

Graphics: laser etched.

In order to last for long all rings are firstly cnc'ed from 7075 T6

then hard anodized and finally machined on both chain sides.

Special machined teeth help both up and down chain shifting.

Unique 15° machined chain ramps offer superior chain engaging on 8 different crank positions, this translates in super quick up-shifting performance.


OctaRamps 2x9 or 2x10 91g.

OctaRamps 3x9 or 3x10 106g.



Available separately


OctaRamp 30T 32g.

The very first and 30T small ring for today 4 arms cranks.

Specials : 4 integrated spacers and sockets.

Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 104 mm 4 bolts.

Download OctaRamp 30T user manual

Developed for extreme racing setups it reduces the overall shifting time per/race while allowing a shorter bb spindle and lower "Q" factor.

Beside your small ring you'll cut some extra weight using a shorter bb and the 4 integrated chainring threaded sockets, 1 piece billet machined with the ring.


OctaRamp 44T 59g.

Ramps: 8 with unique 15°angle.

Machined Teeth: 24 external, 12 internal.

Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 104 mm 4 bolts.

OctaRamp 32T 32 g.

Ramps: 8, unique 15°angle.

Machined Teeth : 16 internal.

Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 104 mm 4 bolts.

OctaRamp 22T - 22E 15g.

Machined Teeth : 22 internal angle.

Bcd (Bolt Circle Diameter): standard 64 mm 4 bolts.


22E: 10mm holes. Fits E-Bones/E-Bones W (male + female chainring bolt).

22T: 8mm holes. Fits crankset with 4 male bolts screwed in from internal side.


We recommend to use OctaRamp complete set

for a correct ring phase.


100% made in Italy