UltraLevers 2 28g.(each)

The levers to have!

Fully restyled new version, cool and hi-performing!


Weight: 56g pair

Material: Ergal 7075Txx

Construction: Hyper-accurate cnc.

Compatibile with standard V-brakes.

Compatibile with grip and trigger shifters.

Tuning: Cable preload and lever positioning.

Finishing: Black anodized/hart-coat.

Graphics: Laser etched.

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Every part has been re-designed, shaving the already very low weight while enhancing their proved ergonomics and overall function.

Improved lattice-like structure gives an even stiffer pillar effect for a perfect brake modulation.

Hard-anodized levers offer a virtual non-wearing finish even if operated in muddy conditions.

Re-shaped ergonomics allows more room to your fingers when using trigger-shifters.

A natural extension of your body.

4 bushings and a "hart coated" pivot ensure durable, smooth action with a solid feel.

Synergy: whether with one finger or two, you'll experience perfect modulation.

Chiseled out with total 3D cnc machining, a piece of robotic art.

Hi-tech military heat treatments are applied to the structural parts of this component, thereby enhancing fatigue strength and long-lasting performance.


100% made in Italy