Terms and conditions

General informations
The following terms and conditions concern all contracts, supplies and other services and govern the contractual relationship between Studio Riva SRL and consumers who purchase goods from our shop.

Terms and conditions and all legal relationships between Studio Riva SRL and the customer shall be subject to the law of Italy.
All contents is presented after current knowledge and is subject to alteration. We can not be held responsible for errors in product information and pricing. All illustrations, drawings, measures, weights and prices are not binding and without obligation.
Prices and product specifications are subject to chenges without notification.
As part of the order process you must enter your information and preferences with regards to the payment method, modes of delivery etc.
Only by clicking the order button are you submitting an offer to complete a sales contract.

Orders accepting and processing
Your cart session will last for 48 hours, then it will be automatically cancelled and stocks will be restored.
We reserve us to accept and process the orders within two working days.

The products shall remain our property until full payment has been made.

Orders shipping insurance
We are not responsable for lost or damaged un-insured shippings.
Extralite is responsible of your order till it get picked up by transport company thereafter doesn't respond for lost/damaged shipping unless are insured.
Extralite replaces/refunds lost or damaged shipping only if insured.

Prices are Euro, Invoicing and charging in Euro.
Poduct prices do not include shipping cost.
UE shippings: Prices in Euro include EU retail tax (vat/iva) and are applyed to all shipments to EU countries.
EXTRA UE shippings: Prices are in Euro and do not include import tax and/or local retail tax.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Credit Card Payment:
We complete the charging of your credit card only once your order is ready to be shipped.
Exceptions occur for orders of special products or customized products.
Downpaymets will be requested for large orders.

Bank/Wired Transfer:

Select payment type "bank transfer" in the checkout order form, you'll receive a proforma invoice.
Please transfer the total amount of your order to our bank account.

Acc.name: Studio Riva SRL
Iban code: IT 50 H 03268 01605 052905865591
Swift code: SELBIT2BXXX
Banca Sella, ag.G8, Viale Piave 4, 20129 Milano, Italy.

Please use the proforma number as first reference/reason of your Iban transfer. Your email with date and no. of your bank operation will speed up our checking and your shipping.
We only accept Iban wire transfers for the exact amount of our invoice.

PayPal Payment:
Select PayPal as shipping method in the checkout order form. You will be directed to the PayPal portal where you can set your payment.
PayPal may require 24 hours to confirm our payment to us.

Right of return
When placing orders we warmly recommend that you carefully check model, sizes and specifications to make sure that you receive the correct product.
Should you have any questions please contact our customer support staff.
We offer a return policy to exchange, credit or refound products that are faulty, not what you ordered or not what you expected.
You have 7 days after delivery date to send it back to us.
You can return the product only if it's still un-used and never installed.

Before shipping the product ask the authorization code to our customer support by email: orders@extralite.com.
Strictly follow the shipping instructions related to the nation you are willing to ship from (see part retourn).

Re-stocking We do not re-stock anything but brand new products (never used never installed) that are still on our product list.
After receiving your products we'll have to carefully check it; then you'll receive a message that reports the amount of your credit.
A variable percentage (0- to 20%) might be requested for checking time, re-packaging and re-stocking in case we are not sure about product conditions.

Shipping We'll charge the shipping cost and eventual re-stocking costs.
Shipping options and rates are the same as for regular orders.
Shipping costs from you to us and from us to you are at your charge, except the case of un-correct order processing on our side.
Before returning the product ask the authorization code to our customer support by email: orders@extralite.com.
Strictly follow the shipping instructions related to the nation you are willing to ship from (see part retourn).

Extralite Limited Warranty
Extralite products are warranted against defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of two years from original date of purchase to the original owner only.
Any Extralite product that is returned and found by Studio Riva to be defective in materials and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the sole discrection of Studio Riva. This warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy. Studio Riva shall not be held liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages.
The warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the product that has been returned and found to be defective by Studio Riva and are the sole remedy of the warranty. No credits or refunds will be issued.
The warranty does not cover: normal wear, tear and fatigue; damage or failure due to accident or collision. Improper assembling, poor maintenance, alterations or modifications, installation of parts not compatible with Extralite products void this warranty.
Warranty does not cover damage arising from crash, abuse and/or misuse or any other circumstances in which the product had been subjected to forces or loads beyond its design.
Immediatly replace the component after crash and violent shock, or after continuos heavy use. Improper use, modification and/or part changing, including surface finishing, could irreparably damage the component. All labor charges for warranty service are responsability of the product owner.

Extralite components are extremely performing and lightweight, crafted with very high quality, they request adeguate installation and maintenance care.
We strongly recommended that a professional bike shop install and service your Extralite components. Improper assembly and/or adjustement may significantly compromise strength and durability of the component causing serious personal injury. Carefully check proper tightening torque of every bolt. Always respect installation recommendations. Extralite components are designed for a specific use X-Country or Road or Downhill, respect product specific destinaiton. Note: the rider assumes all the risks regarding use and installation of Extralite components.

Extralite products are manufacured and distribuited by Studio Riva SRL.
Extralite design and trademark are exclusive property of Studio Riva SRL.

100% made in Italy