Components faq/tips


Are your components strong enought for a rider of my weight?

All our products excede Uni/Din safety standard requirements.
As general rule just realize that Uni/Din safety standards and tests consider a 90kg. (200Lb.) extremely strong athlete efforts as reference.
Are you that strong?
If yes plan to replace your frame/component every racing season.
A good pro can output only 80% of the loads used as reference and in these conditions fatigue life will double. The efforts of an average rider practically do not affect fatigue life at all.

However you surely undertsand that rider weight plays a minor role in the energy q.ty count:
1) Speed itself increases by sqare factor the loads applied while hitting an obstacle. Suspension correct tuning is also playing a sensible rule.
2) Personal riding style can put extremely high or very limited loads on swingarm and seatube.


How Do I remove a seized/rounded M5 bolts on my UltraStem/UltraClamp?

It requires left drive removers, drill 2.2mm hole into hex head and then insert the tool (you can find cheap ones that might do the job at least a couple of times)
If it is still too tight you'll have to remove bolt head (carefully drill  4.5mm hole into hex head avoiding any contact with stem body this will relax pressure on threads.