Freewheel assembly

All you need to switch between Shimano R 11s, Sram XD-drive,XDR-drive and Campagnolo 11s standards or to replace a worn out freewheel.

Read well manual instructions before installing the new freewheel.

Product name Model versions Compatibile with Includes

-Shimano MTB 10-11s* (39.7g)
-Sram XD-Drive 11-12s* (37.4g)
-Sram XDR-Drive 11-12s
* (38.4g)
-Campagnolo 11/12s

-CyberRear SL
-CyberRear SL-2
-CyberRear SP
-CyberRear SPD
-CyberRear SPD-2
freewheel body with abec5 bearings, pawls, OR spring, OR seal, 5cc of Alugrease Super1

* Minimum/shortest ratio
CyberRear freewheel mechanisms are suitable for road and cyclocross use (and not MTB), minimum 1.00 gear ratio.
Shorter ratios may result in high torque and damage freewheel mechanism.

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100% made in Italy