HyperStem 1.25 74g. (90mm)

1-1/4" steerer version of HyperStem.

An absolute performance sculpture.

Exceedes the EN safety standard requirements so much that we can recommend it for Enduro.

Lengths (mm)
Weights (g) *

Bar diameter: 31.8mm

Body angle: reversible +/- 6°

Steer tube diameter: standard 1 1/4" (31.75mm)

Ultra stiff structure: very efficient with your upper body energy

Material: fully 3D cnc'd from AL 7075 Txx

Bolts: special CNC Grade5 Titanium

Graphics: black laser etching

Fork clamp height: 38mm

Finish: black anodized

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3D milled, sculptured and fully contoured by a Mazak integrated multiaxial machine during one hour of continuos work for each single unit.

Design and dimensioning are impressive, mass and stress concentrations ar reduced to the minimum.


Grade5 titanium Torx bolts with special "rounded heads" are the standard equipment.

Available only with "stealth" black-on-black laser etched graphics.

Well rounded edges on all clamps make it truly carbon-friendly.


100% made in Italy