Axle Conversion

All you need to switch between QR15 and QR(9x100mm)or TA12 fork standards or between 142mm(12mm thru axle) and QR(10x135mm) dropout standards.

Kit name Versions Compatibility Weight Manual
HyperFront Axle assembly

-conversion to QR15
-conversion to QR(9x100mm)

HyperFront, HyperJF

-QR15 18.2g
-QR (9x100mm) 20g

HyperRear(1&2) Axle assembly

-conversion to 142mm(12mm thru axle)
-conversion to QR(10x135mm)

HyperRear(1&2), HyperCamber(1&2), HyperJR
-142mm 39g
-QR (10x135mm) 39g
HyperSmart3 F Axle assembly -conversion to TA12
-conversion to QR15
-conversion to QR(9x100mm)
HyperSmart3 F -TA12 20.5g
-QR15 18.5g
-QR (9x100mm) 19.5g
HF TA12 Adaptor Kit -Adapts QR15 Axle to TA12 HyperFront, HyperJF -2.5g

Axle assembly kit includes Axle + Micro-tuner + Left and Right Axle ends.

Adaptor kit includes two bushings.

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