Tips, conditions and general info

Dear Customer,

Here you find some useful informations on how to use this web-Shop and how we manage your orders.

Country of delivery
Product prices and shipping costs depends on the country of delivery. That's why we ask that before entering the shop. No matter where you usually live, it counts where the order has to be shipped.

Order processing
Your order will be shipped within two working days, except when a longer period is clearly specifyed.
The same day your order leaves our warehouse you'll receive shipping/tracking details.

All our products are normally ready available in stock.
You can't purchase a product if it's not in stock.
An evident red flag shows the few products that may be temporary "out of stock"

Spare Parts
With this new web-shop we have tried to give you the very best technical support.
We stock all the spare parts of every Extralite product, even of several discontinued models.
To find a spare part you have to click "buy" on the relative product and then a list of Spare-Parts will be displayed.
Most of the sub-parts are already available through the shop.
If you can't find the sub-part you need please ask for help at specifying exactly product name and part name (refer to installation manual).

We accept Visa, MC, Paypal payments and in some countries Bank Transfer also.
You can select the payment method at the end of your shopping.
Visa, MC, Paypal payments will be re-directed in a separate https secure website.

We can offer two kinds of shipping methods.
-Registered shipping is cheaper, slower and does not accept insurance in every country.
Box size and weight are limited but in several cases it skips custom clearance and duties.
Registered shipping can't be easily tracked as the more expensive express services in most countries.

-Express shipping
is more expensive but faster, easily trackable and can always be insured.
You can see all shipping prices and conditions here.
Both these two different shipping services have proved to be cost effective and reliable through years of experience.

Terms and conditions
Here you find our complete condition terms.

Part return
In case you want to return a product, need a part servicing or claim for a warranty read here BEFORE sending your parcel.

Our shop uses cookies only to keep your oder cart open for 24h.
We do not give your cookies to others, if you want to know more about read here.


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