UltraBrakes 2 98g.(set)

Do you enjoy UltraLevers 2+ performance and style?
Here you get the natural complement.

Weight: 98gr / set*.

Leverage: 100mm.

Tuning: Micro adjustable.

Operation: 4 Sealed bearings.

Springs: Linear, tapered Carbon fiber.

Shoes: KoolStop dual compound.

Pad holders: Special CNC pads.

Hardware: Carbon fiber / 7075 T6.

Graphics: Laser etched.

(*) 98g weight includes also the cable "L" pipe and rubber booth protector not shown on pictures.

Download user manual.

1 set UltraBrakes2 fits 1 wheel.

The extremely rigid structure gives you hi-stopping power and a very precise feel.


Butter smooth braking and ultra-precise adjustability.

Very important features for serious brake performance.

Leverage stiffness.
Highly efficient symmetrical box section, 100mm leverage.

Low stiction operation.
4 sealed ball bearings ensure an ultra-smooth brake operation.
Additionally allow a constant well centered return position of the left and right brakes.

Positive spring layout.
Super tricky tapered carbon-fibre return springs, easily adjustable by micrometric tuning bolts.
Free pivoting linkage and self lubing derlin sliders
make this 3 point isostatic system device nearly stiction-free.


UltraBrakes2 are equipped with Extralite original custom made pad holders.

The lightest and most accurate ever made.
The super accurate machining of the "Hart Coated" emi-washers ensures faster and geometrically precise pad alignment.

UltraPads come ready equipped with premium dual compound Kool-Stop pads

The ultimate stoppers.


100% made in Italy